Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year(s) Newsletter

Welcome to those of you who come by direction of our New Year's photo card! We have neglected sending out a newsletter the last two years, so I am going to try to recap here.

We said goodbye to Tydnall AFB in February '09 and headed West, about 2 hours. We are now at Eglin AFB, still on the Gulf Coast, and Ethan is an Air Force Engineer. We took another step into American adulthood and bought a house! We have loved our little 3 bedroom home. We are still only walking distance away from one of the Bays, but we miss our "private" marina and community at Tyndall. Now let's fast forward...

September 23, 2010, we welcomed Seth into our lives! He was born 9lbs and 22inches long. The labor went very well (see post) and we have loved having him in our life. No, he doesn't sleep through the night but we get enough zzzz's here and there and are functional and very happy. He is a sweet, happy little guy who will smile at basically anyone who waves or talks to him. He continues to be a big boy moving into twelve month clothes and at the top of the growth charts. He will be four months later this month. He smiles and talks all the times and loves playing with his toys. Mostly he loves cuddling with mommy and playing and reading with daddy. It is a very special time in our life and we are trying to savor it.

Sandra (Nana) was able to be here for a while to help with the baby. What a blessing! She helped Heather in her intense nesting mode before the birth and walked with her miles and miles and miles in almost 100 degree weather to spur on labor, then provided massages and encouragement during labor, and then was able to be a part of Seth's first couple of weeks of life. Ron (Grandad) came down for a week in October and Uncle Josh visited on his Fall break. Seth met Ethan's side of the family in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. He spent more time with the Johnsons over Christmas in Virginia and Nana Pam and Peppy Paul are coming to visit us in Florida in March.

Ethan is in good health, praise the Lord. In September 2009 we switched our diet to the Maker's Diet/Clean Eating Diet. Ethan has been able to control his Crohn's through diet and thankfully has been off his (very toxic) medication. It was quite a big lifestyle change, and overwhelming at first, but worth it. We are now some of "those" people who read every label in the grocery store and have weird snack foods in the pantry. Veggie chips, goat cheese, and raw almonds anyone? Don't worry about visiting though, everyone who has eaten with us claim our meals are yummy. We eat real meat and Ethan still won't go near tofu.

With Ethan's work, he has spent a lot of time in Colorado. The diet is good for his body and Colorado is good for his soul. He got back into hiking and rock climbing during his travels. One of his TDYs happened to coincide with a big Hennessey reunion in August. Heather was unable to go since she was at the end of her pregnancy. It was one of the biggest Hennessey gatherings in years and naturally a good time. In October Ethan participated in his first Triathlon in Destin (see post). It was a positive experience and he plans on doing another one in the Spring.

Before the pregnancy Heather was volunteering at the Eglin Pet Welfare, where we adopted Caedmon. She loved working with her shelter pups, but once morning (err, all day) sickness set in, she stepped down. Heather is still teaching violin lessons, though she is keeping her studio small to balance with mommyhood. She continues to perform with the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra in Niceville and joined the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra in 2009. She took time off in the Fall, but started playing again in December.

We have been involved with the Contemporary Service of the Base Chapel. Both Ethan and Heather serve in the praise band, help with the leadership team, and facilitate a family small group at our home. We have found a very precious community at the Chapel after having spent a few years of feeling a little aimless.

Caedmon is doing well. He is starting to age which saddens us, but he is still full of personality. He has adjusted well to the baby. He was very protective of Seth the first week and now basically doesn't pay much attention to him. If Seth does start crying in another room, Caedmon will alert Heather. Caedmon is excellent about knowing whose toys are whose and that Seth's playmat is NOT a dog bed. Poor dog is still hopeful that everytime we say "food, eat, or hungry" to the baby we are actually talking to him. When it gets warmer (yes, it gets cold here!) we look forward to family trips to th dog park.

Feel free to keep visiting the blog. We try to keep it updated with pictures and events of our life for family and friends to see. It has been a little hit or miss recently, but we will try to post somewhat regularly. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for 2011!

Ethan, Heather, Seth, and Caedmon


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

I can't believe your little guy is in 12 month clothes!!! lol! Luke just turned 18 months and still wears a lot of 12-18 month size! I think there will be a lot of shopping at "Big and Tall" in your future. ;)

Rachel said...

great to catch up on your lives! glad you are doing well and Seth looks so cute:))

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